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We at ArawazA teach traditional Japanese Karate

with regular Grading's 

Seminars and courses with Japanese Masters and the cream of Irish instructors.

Our aim is to teach and promote the art of Karate Do in a traditional and effective way

as set out in the Dojo Kun and the Twenty Precepts of Gichin Funakoshi.

Who was the founder and  Father of modern Karate Do

Shotokan Karate Do is an effective system of self defence 

incorporating strikes punches locks and throws this system is taught using a tried and tested comprehensive syllabus 



Shotokan Karate Do

Dave Dodson (Yondan)
4th Dan, Started training at the age of eight and over the years has taken instruction in Aikido, JuJutsu, judo, Iaido. Kendo. Although his main school of practice has been the art of Shotokan Karate Do
his coaches and instructors are among the most respected masters in the world.
Keinosuke Enoeda Sensei. Shiro Asano Sensei,  Yoshinobu Ohta Sensei 
Sadashige Kato Sensei, Keiji Tomiyama Sensei ,
Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei (Soke) Nobuaki Kanazawa Sensei (Kancho)
Sensei, Shinji Tanaka Sensei, Ryusho Suzuki Sensei,  Manabu Murakami Sensei. 
He continues to teach and promote Shotokan Karate Do 
and pass on the knowledge he has been taught ,and believes that all instructors  are just custodians of this art ,and unless this knowledge is preserved it will slowly die with each generation. 
On an Island in the sea to the south,

There is transmitted an exquisite art.

This is karate.

To my great regret,

The art has declined

And its transmission is in doubt.

Who would undertake

The monumental task

Of Restoration and Revival?

This task I must undertake;

Who would if I didn't?

I vowed to the blue sky.


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